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Once in a great while an innovator comes along who changes the way business is done. Such is the case with John Liviakis, a pioneer who redefined financial public relations by introducing ideas never before conceived.

Since its inception in 1986, Liviakis Financial Communications, Inc. (LFC) has earned unprecedented attention and accolades from the investment and corporate communities.

Its select group of clients has enjoyed tangible improvement in shareholder value, and the firm's remarkable analytical and communications skills are fast becoming legendary.

"We are genuinely thankful to all of you who have shown interest in our activities, and are especially grateful for the relationships that have grown over the years."

John Liviakis
Founder, Chairman
Liviakis Financial Communications, Inc.

"The name of the game is to see something that everybody else hasn't seen yet. Because if it is so obvious, then it is already reflected in the stock's valuation, and there is no opportunity. So we are looking for something that is not obvious, that is not well perceived yet, that does not have public relations, and the valuation is reflecting that lack of perception and support."


John Liviakis
Worth Magazine

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